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Certificate and Credits


A certificate of participation will be presented to each student on the last day of the course(s), if the student attended regularly (at least 80%) and participated successfully. 


HUWISU starts issuing your transcript approximately six weeks after course completion. Please enter your address for dispatch in the 'Transcript Request Form' in your online account. Should you leave this section blank, HUWISU will automatically send your transcript to your home address.


Academic performance is assessed by grades/marks on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0. Additionally, each course carries a certain weight, which is expressed in ECTS credit points (Studienpunkte).

All courses are accredited according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS has been developed by the Commission of the European Community to provide common procedures to guarantee academic recognition of studies abroad.

ECTS is a credit system based on student workload. It involves lectures, seminars, practical work, papers and self-assessments. One credit point is deemed to be the equivalent of 25-30 working hours.The basic allocation of academic credits is 60 ECTS credits per year of study or 30 ECTS credits per semester. Regular attendance is required (minimum 80% presence at the courses).

The number of ECTS credits to be acquired varies from course to course, therefore please see the course description.

ECTS Grading Scale

Local grade


US grade

ECTS grade


1,0; 1,3


sehr gut - eine hervorragende Leistung


A (1,0; 1,3)


excellent– outstanding performance with only minor errors

1,7; 2,0; 2,3





gut - eine Leistung, die über den durchschnittlichen Anforderungen liegt





B (1,7)



B (2,0; 2,3)

very good – above the average standard but with some errors

good– generally sound work with a number of notable errors

2,7; 3,0; 3,3


befriedigend- eine Leistung die den durchschnittlichen Anforderungen entspricht


C (2,7; 3,0; 3,3)




satisfactory– fair but with significant shortcomings

3,7; 4,0;

ausreichend – eine Leistung, die trotz ihrer Mängel noch den Anforderungen entspricht




D (3,7)


E (4,0)

sufficient– performance meets the minimum criteria




nicht ausreichend – eine Leistung, die wegen erheblicher Mängel den Anforderungen nicht mehr genügt


F (5,0)

fail– considerable further work is required



Credit Transferability

The transferability of credits gained at the Winter and Summer Universities of Humboldt-Universität is determined by students’ home university. Students should consult their home university about credit transferability before registration.