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Insurance and Visa Application


The fees do not include insurance coverage. Each participant is obligated to take out health insurance. This must be valid for Germany (preferably for Europe). In addition, we recommended an accident- and liability insurance. The student is liable for all culpably caused damage, especially for damages in arranged accommodation.

It is important to note that medical care in Germany can be expensive if you are not secured by insurance. Citizens of some countries are required to provide proof of insurance when applying for a visa. It is also possible that German customs will ask for proof of insurance when you cross the border.

Visa Application

After registration and payment in full, a letter of invitation can be issued for you to apply for a visa at the German Embassy. Within five days the letter of invitation will be sent to you through registered mail. An electronic copy of the invitation letter will also be sent to your email account. The German Embassies or Consulates in your home country issue visas.
You are responsible for finding out whether you need to apply for a visa for Germany or not. Please visit the homepage of the German Foreign Office at www.auswaertiges-amt.de and check the Visa regulations.
Considering the long processing time at the Embassy, early registration for courses is highly recommended. HUWISU does not take responsibility for arranging your visa or if the Embassy rejects your application.