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Steps to apply

1. Browse our course catalogue (Summer Courses or Winter Courses) and select the courses you are interested in.

You can take more than one course if there is no overlap in your schedule. The possible combinations are displayed on the respective course page. The course tracks (see course structure) show you the timetable of the courses. Considering the workload of each course, we suggest you to take not more than 2 courses. Of course it is possible to participate in more than one Summer session.

The application deadline varies from course to course, for more details please refer to the individual course pages. Please note that the course may be fully booked before registration deadline. We therefore recommend an early registration.

If the course you are interested in is fully booked, please contact the HUWISU team about our waiting list and further options.

2. Apply online and create your own HUWISU account.

3. Once you have completed your online registration you will receive an automatically generated email with a link. By clicking on that link you confirm your personal registration.

4. If you have registered for an English subject course you will be notified by email to log in to your account and upload a letter of motivation (max. 1 page). If applicable proof of English or German language proficiency as well as a copy of your student ID will additionally be required.

Information about the content of the letter of motivation:

Why do you want to participate in the HUWISU program?
What a) personal and b) academic background qualifies you for the chosen course/s?
What are your expectations on the chosen course/s?
How do you plan to apply the knowledge learned during the HUWISU program after returning to your home country?

5. Once you are admitted, you will receive an email which contains your payment instructions.

6. Changes and cancellation after your payment

If you want to change your course(s) a fee of 30 Euro is charged for each course change. Please note that a course change is only possible up to the end of the first course day, if the maximum number of participants in the desired course is not reached yet or with regard to language courses if lecturers of both courses recommend the change. Please be also aware that class sizes are fixed, thus it is impossible to attend additional courses you are not registered for.

If you cannot attend the courses cancellation is possible 4 weeks prior to the course’s start and always has to be done in writing. In case of proper cancellation the participant will regain the full amount minus bank charges and a cancellation fee of 70 Euro. There exists no right of reimbursement in case of no-show or discontinuance. At a later resignation a reimbursement of costs is impossible. The participant will be asked to contact the International Office. Exceptions will be made in the following events: acute medical condition/illness (medical certificate must be provided) before the HUWISU program starts and/or rejection of visa application for the participation in the HUWISU program.

If less than six people sign up for a course the International Office reserves the right to cancel courses four weeks prior to the beginning of the course. In this case, the concerned participants will be contacted and informed about alternatives. If there is no satisfactory solution participation can be cancelled free of charge. All payments effected so far will be reimbursed.


Code of Student Responsibility

Please read carefully the Code of Student Responsibility.