Farewell to Session 2 Students

Aug. 21, 2019

HUWISU wants to thank all Summer Session 2 students! All of the new memories and friendships made the Summer Session 2 an unforgettable experience!

Studying abroad gives every student the unique opportunity to learn and grow. Everyday interactions in class or even on the street give you the opportunity to improve your language skills, build self-esteem and create new friendships. Although, studying abroad is not always easy, by the end of your study abroad you can reflect on these hardships and triumphs and see how much you have grown as individuals.

In another way as students have been learning about Berlin, the HUWISU staff has been very grateful in growing in our understanding of international cultures. From embarking on cultural events across Berlin to discussing Berlin topics in classes we have been discovering new perspectives together! 

It was a pleasure to host all students and we have enjoyed getting to know you throughout your time here.

We hope all the students have a safe journey and wish all the best!

Check out our flickr photos! https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFGGkns