Farewell Winter Session 2020

Jan. 24, 2020

After three highly intensive weeks, our Winter Session came to an end.

HUWISU wants to thank all the Winter Session students! Throughout the month of January, knowledge, memories and friendships built in Berlin will remain part of every student's experience after returning to their home countries.

Studying abroad is an unique opportunity to learn about the world beyond classroom. During the past weeks, students could truly experience life in Berlin and its surroundings by engaging in cultural activities offered by HUWISU. This allows them to learn together by seeing in real life what they studied in class.

Although we understand this experience can be challenging sometimes, it gives students fundamental personal and professional skills for the future that go beyond national borders. As a result, by the end of our Session, they can reflect on their own hardships and triumphs, as well as see how much they have grown as individuals.

Similarly, the HUWISU team has been very grateful in constantly learning from students and their diversity of ideas. Every session helps us keep improving our programs, and constantly evaluating our courses is essential for us to design new Sessions according to what students are looking for.

It was a pleasure to host all of you and we have enjoyed getting to know you throughout your time here.

We hope all the students have a safe journey and wish all the best!